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Yes, you may make tuition fee payments in installments. You must pay at least the first year’s full tuition or the equivalent in your native country. If you pay the 1st-semester fee from home for visa purposes, the 2nd-semester tuition fees must be paid in Poland at the commencement of the 2nd-semester. The good news is that beginning in the second year, you can pay your tuition charges monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Students from all over the world come to Poland to take advantage of the country’s distinct cultural possibilities. The majority of international students who study in Poland rave about the country’s rich history, magnificent natural beauty, vibrant current culture, and diverse extracurricular possibilities. Studying in Poland also provides an excellent chance to live and work in a diversified atmosphere in which one may acquire a new language, comprehend another culture, and even see various scientific methods and techniques.

International students in Poland are permitted to work 20 hours a week while studying. University students in Poland are permitted to work in Poland or other European countries during academic breaks without the need for a special work permit.

Every international student who holds a higher secondary/Advanced school certificate is entitled to study in Poland.

Various levels have different requirements.

Undergraduate level: Passport Data Page | O Level/ A Level/SSCE/ IGCSE/HSSCE/WAEC/ NECO/State of Result or any similar certificate

Masters level: In addition to the undergraduate level requirements, you submit a Bachelor’s degree with transcripts.

Ph.D. Level: In addition to the Master’s level requirements, you must produce a Master’s degree with transcripts.

Postgraduate Medicine: Passport Data Page | O Level/ A level /SSCE/ IGCSE /HSSCE/ WAEC/ NECO / State of Result or any equivalent certificate + MBBS/ MD – General Medicine Degree with Transcripts.

MEDICAL STUDENTS: Must have Chemistry, Biology & English at School Level – with Pass Marks – Not less than Grade D

ENGINEERING STUDENTS: Must have Mathematics, Physics & English at School Level – with Pass Marks – Not less than Grade D

ALL OTHER PROGRAMS: Students can Apply with any number of Subjects at School Level – with Minimum Pass Marks – Not less than Grade E

Yes, You must do, as the sum of €300 covers Initial Consultation, Arrangement of Offer Letter, Preparation of Documents, Processing of Electronic Application, and Translation of Documents. No university in Poland considers a candidate’s documents without an initial registration fee.

 We share the credentials with our partner universities for first screening after we get the scanned documents of an applicant to attend a certain program. Please keep in mind that we are just receiving verbal confirmation at this time. Based on this confirmation, “Study in Poland” sends an email to the candidate with a confirmation of admission and a thorough explanation of the admission and financial engagement procedure. If the applicant accepts the admission offer and can afford the tuition and other costs, we request the pay the €300 Initial Processing fee and provide us evidence of payment. Following payment confirmation, we compile and send the necessary paperwork, as well as the application to the University, to get the official Offer Letter.

The embassy of Poland requires Proof of Payment of the Tuition fee. Without upfront full tuition fee payment for 1st year or at least for 1st semester to University’s bank account – The embassy of Poland doesn’t accept the study visa application. In the event of visa refusal, the full paid tuition fee is completely refundable.

We are aware that millions of individuals from all over the world want to come to Europe to work and remain legally or illegally. Giving out free acceptance letters without paying tuition to universities means that everyone will be in Europe, and there will be many illegal immigrants. The government and colleges want a credible proof that the prospective student is a genuine student who wouldn’t abandon the studies once arrive. They also want assurances that the prospective student has the financial means to fund his or her studies and living expenses in Poland.

Tuition payments sent to the university bank account are completely refundable in the case of visa denial. If the Polish embassy denies a study visa, they will send you a letter explaining the reasons. The applicant has the option of filing an appeal. If the applicant decides to withdraw, the university will refund the whole tuition amount to the applicant’s account after receiving a rejection letter from the embassy.

The application process for universities in Poland is really simple. All you have to do is follow the instructions outlined at https://studyinpoland.biz/admission-procedure/. Then, following our instructions, acquire the necessary papers and produce the translations (If the original documents are in a language other than English or Polish). If you have any more queries, please contact our dedicated team at “Study in Poland” by WhatsApp/Call at +48 574 766 079 or studyinpoland.biz@gmail.com.

Universities in Poland welcome overseas students twice a year, in the spring and winter semesters. Admission in Poland begins in March/April each year at Winter intake, and enrollment continues until September. Every year, lessons for Winter Intake begin in October and last through November. Every year, admission for the Spring intake begins in August/September and continues through January/February. Every year, lessons for Spring intake begin in March and last through April.

Explanation: Every year, a large number of students arrive in Poland to attend Polish universities during both intakes. Due to delayed immigration procedures and a variety of other variables, students’ arrival times may differ from one country to another. As a result, all, 15000+ students will be unable to arrive on October 1st or March 1st. Solution; Universities continue to organize student groups and begin lessons whenever there are enough students to start a new group.

The initial assessment takes two days. The University issues the Offer Letter in 3-5 days after our office receives the initial processing fee. The acceptance letter and other relevant documentation are done in 3-5 days after the tuition fee payment is confirmed to the university account. So, you may now submit your visa application to the Polish embassy. As a result, we can estimate that the admissions process will take between 8 and 12 working days.

Following the submission of your visa application as well as all the necessary supporting documents, the processing of your visa application and the delivery of a decision to you should take no longer than 15 to 21 calendar days.

Regular students in Poland are permitted to work in Poland without a particular work permit during academic institute breaks. They are permitted to work part-time (20 hours per week) for the remainder of the academic year.

Most students may easily find work at shopping malls, restaurants, or shops in Poland, so if you need to find work quickly, you can always look there.

You have 12 months after finishing your degree to look for suitable employment.

If you wish to work as a student in Poland, you do not require a work permit.

To get a job, you must have good knowledge of English and Polish (at least a little).

As a student in Poland, you will have a fantastic time.