Benefits of Processing Admission through “Study in Poland” Sp z 0. o.

✔️ Study in Poland Sp z o. o. is a Higher Education Advisory.

✔️ Our Services aim to Help with Admission & Student visas, Meet n Greet, Student Accommodation & Career Advice.

✔️ Our dedicated staff is available 24/7 to assist our students from day 1st.

✔️ We swiftly answer numerous inquiries to achieve the client’s level of satisfaction.

✔️ Our chat operators are always online on the site, and WhatsApp at +48 574 766 079 for instant replies.

Registration of Documents at the University

✔️ Taking into account your requirements and talents. Our staff’s experienced guidance on University and Program selection will, undoubtedly, be beneficial to you.

✔️ In Poland, notarization of all required documents;

✔️ Preparation of necessary documents for admission at the selected University in Poland;

✔️ When necessary, we promptly prepare official Polish translations of any admissions-related documents;

✔️ We assist you efficiently with the issuing of an Offer Letter, followed by an Acceptance Letter from a chosen university

✔️ Our admission team completes the electronic applications comprehensively, and timely submits your paperwork for admission to the university and other offices for registration.

✔️ Whenever necessary, we expedite the issuance of an official letter from the university to support your visa application at the Polish embassy


✔️ For Study in Poland ,We know the importance of accommodation, especially when you are arriving in a new country after hours of road travel & flights, therefore we arrange your dorm room at the university. If you wish to stay in an apartment, we look for apartments in the region near your university. To make you feel at home, we make certain that your lodging is available before your arrival. We find a suitable location to reside in (taking into account individual wishes). We also reserve a room at a hostel/ dormitory, followed by the issuance of a pass and the acquisition of a key to the room.

✔️ Our office provides thorough and personalized counseling to all of our students, so they to appropriately assemble the visa application paperwork before submitting it to the Polish embassy.

  • Meeting the student at the Airports, bus stations, or railway stations and accompanying the students to the dormitory/flat;
  • Orientation Day: orientation in the city, showing the university, providing information on the use of public transport, etc.;
  • Providing a Polish mobile SIM card;
  • Assistance in the issuance of Temporary Resident Cards;
  • Open of bank account in a local bank;
  • Continuous Support during students’ all years of education, i.e. consulting on education, legal stay in Poland; contact with parents if it is necessary, etc.

Read the text below to learn why our involvement is critical – and why you need our intermediate firm “Study in Poland Sp. z o. o.” to assist you with your admission process.

Typically, students or their parents express dissatisfaction with universities. The following message was received over our WhatsApp channel: A mother writes (copied as it is – so the message contains grammatical and typographical errors).

💬 1-  I want my daughter to study Nursing in Poland university with low tuition fees

💬 2- Also, We have tried to apply to polonia university we have seen that they have given her admission for Nursing but the letter of acceptance is not release to process her visa. We have called and sent several mail but no response.
We have paid for application and recruitment fees.

This is just one of the hundreds of texts we receive each month. It is obvious that calling a university’s international office from afar might be stressful, especially when you don’t know the working hours and there is a large time difference between the countries. Though we charge a little cost for first offer letters, it is well worth it since you save a lot of nerves and prevent a lot of anxiety because we are accessible on the ground in Poland. We are physically based in Poland, and our primary responsibility is to grant admission to international students. We have competent employees that are constantly visiting universities and staying in touch with students – so things go quickly and easily.

✔️ Every student receives personalized guidance throughout the entire admissions, visa, and post-arrival processes.

✔️ Do not hesitate to apply immediately with Study in Poland Sp z o. we are a certified admission agency. We are capable of enrolling international students at several universities in Poland.

Call & What’s App: +48 574 766 079