When you decide to seek higher education in Europe, Poland should be the first choice – and there are many solid reasons for Poland to be increasingly popular with international students worldwide, a few are given below;

High-Quality Higher Education

Poland stays at the top position of study destinations in the European continent. It is the sixth-largest economy in the European Union, with the largest stock exchange in the East Central European Region.

Poland is situated in Central Europe, and it is famous for its diverse culture, and serene beauty and is referred to as the Land of Pierogi and Potatoes! Warsaw is the capital of Poland, a bustling metropolitan city rooted in Polish culture as well as the hustle of cosmopolitans. Rich history, culture, and economy as well as top-class academic institutions also attract the attention of students. Polish Universities offer a vibrant international culture with relevantly cheaper education in comparison to the other parts of Europe.

Poland is home to 450 Higher Educational Institutions and among them some of the best universities in Europe. Over 90,000 from 157 countries International Students study in Poland at different universities.

Universities in Poland emphasize the essentialism of gaining practical knowledge, creative skills, and exposure to theoretical knowledge, and these factors contribute to Polish university graduates gaining employment in Europe and around the world.

Studyportals International Student Satisfaction Awards in 2020, Around 10,000 students shared their experiences about studying abroad on a large database of foreign student experiences, and more than 3000 students reviewed studying in Poland 9 out of 10, marking Poland to hold the top country for higher education in Europe.

11 universities in Poland were nominated for the International Student Satisfaction Awards, of which five universities earned an average score of 9.5 out of a possible 10.

The Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan and the University of Economics, Gdańsk School of Banking, the University of Warsaw, and the Wrocław University of Technology were awarded the Certificate for Outstanding International Student Satisfaction rated ‘Excellent’ by the students in Katowice. Six other universities were rated very well.

Polish Education System is globally famed for strictly following the Bologna process, so the degrees earned in Poland are acceptable worldwide.

Affordable Tuition & Living Expenses

When compared with other Study Destinations in Europe, Poland appears to be the cheapest and the most affordable option for international students. Premium Quality of Education exceeds its costs, making Poland the favorite option to pursue Higher Studies. In private and public universities, average tuition fees for Non -Medical Programs range from 1000 euros to 4500 euros per year, depending on the specialty and levels of education i.e., Bachelors’s, Masters’s, Ph.D.

Nursing and Physiotherapy may cost from 3000 euros per year, at some universities, and over 4000 euros at some others. The cost of studying General Medicine starts at 10,500 euros, while Dentistry from 11,500 euros and Pharmacy from 5000 euros per year for the English medium of studies.

When you look at study destinations worldwide, besides the tuition fee, the living costs also play a crucial role in selection. Living expenses in Europe are always quite high, while Poland offers very economical costs of living with no compromise on the quality and standards of life. You can obviously find a furnished flat for anywhere between 100 and 200 euros a month. Public transport provides subsidized monthly tickets for university students. A student may need another 100 euros to 200 euros to buy food a month, which is quite lower than in any other European country.

The affordable cost of studying and living is another major reason why an international student should opt for Poland and experience a European country without going out of personal budget. In short, one can confidently say that Poland offers the opportunity to live and earn a highly recognized degree at a world-class university, at the most affordable prices when compared with top study abroad destinations like Australia, the USA, the UK, France, and Germany, etc.

Student Life, Education Development & Scholarships in Poland
Vibrant Culture of Poland

Poland has a rich and glorious culture that is an integral part of Western civilization, and the country’s great leaders and personalities have made significant contributions to art, music, philosophy, science, and literature.

The excellent opportunity to dig further into Polish culture, which is a wonderful blend of elements from Germanic, Hungarian, Latin, and Ottoman traditions, is one of the top reasons to Study in Poland.

Poles are typically cheerful and lively individuals who enjoy staying occupied with extracurricular activities, travels, and family gatherings. You’re likely to come across a close-knit family, with grandparents frequently residing in the house.

One of the most essential features of Polish culture is Hospitality, and the natives are wonderfully merry and pleasant people with whom you can easily mix. Polish folks will never turn down an invitation to supper or a full tour of the place they are visiting. This is also one of the finest reasons to study in Poland since the locals are kind and vibrant individuals who can assist you in adjusting to a new environment and making you feel perfectly at home!

Polish teenagers enjoy an extremely busy social life, spending time outside riding bikes, hiking, canoeing, and kayaking on Poland’s numerous beautiful rivers. Many individuals go mushroom hunting throughout the summer. In your spare time, you may unwind by playing a card game like a bridge. Teenagers frequently hang out on weekends, either at the movies or at a friend’s place.

Religion plays a very crucial role in Polish culture. Poland is considered one of Europe’s most religiously dedicated countries, with the Roman Catholic Church constituting the majority of its people. Christmas and Easter are two prominent festivals in Poland.

The country has always welcomed individuals from all over the world with open arms and has always prioritized cultural growth above political and economic activity. As a result, Poland is an excellent location for experiencing other cultures.

STudy in poland and enjoy polish culture

Delicious Polish Cuisine 

Kuchnia Polska (Polish cuisine) is a popular dish preparation method in Poland.

Poland has one of the most nutritious and varied cuisines in the European Union. Pierogi, a type of filled dumpling, stew with mushrooms and sausage, pork, cabbage, and potatoes are among the highlights of Polish cuisine. Bread is eaten with almost every meal, and individuals frequently purchase fresh bread from local bakeries on a regular basis. Poland has given rise to a culture of exclusively eating healthy and organic foods. Most people in rural regions cultivate their own fresh veggies. Cakes are another specialty of Polish cuisine. Torun, for example, is known for its gingerbread, and Warsaw for its rose hip jam-filled doughnuts.

Other notable Polish recipes include Rosól, a chicken soup with noodles that is traditionally served on Sundays, Barszcz, a transparent beetroot soup made with garlic, onions, carrots, and celery, and Bigos, a cabbage stew with pork and sausage. Breakfast, lunch, and supper are the three primary meals in Poland, and families normally attempt to eat them together, depending on their schedule. ‘drugie niadanie’ refers to an additional supper enjoyed by Poles (second breakfast). Family and food are vital in Polish culture, which is why having lunch together on Sundays is still a custom.

Polish food has also been influenced by other central European cuisines, including Hungarian, Austrian, and others. One of the most exciting reasons to study in Poland is to experience the magnificent Polish cuisine, which is rich in history and full of delicious flavors!