• Language of Instruction: English
  • Duration: 3 years - 6 semesters
  • Tuition Fee per year: €2200 - possible to pay €1100 per semester.
  • Dormitory/ Hostel per year: From €120
  • Insurance fee per year: 150€
  • Regiatration & TRC for whole period: €300 paid only once
  • Airport Clearance, Assistance in Poland, Documentation & Administration Fee: €500 paid only once
  • Grand Total 1st year: €3270 with one month accommodation
  • Tuition & Hostel from 2nd to last year: €2200 per year or €1100/ semester) Hostel/ Dormitory €120per month

Admission Procedure to Study Tourism & Hospitality Management in Poland

Step No. 1 – Processing fee;
Admission Processing, Registration at University, and Offer & Acceptance Letter Fee: €300 paid upfront at the start of the procedure.
Description – €300 is a conditional payment. We use these funds to translate certain documents for student registration at the international office of the university & process the Offer of Admission and issue the Offer & Acceptance.

Step No. 2 – Issuance of Offer Letter;
Once we have received €300, it takes 1 week to process the Offer Letter. This is the first document confirming the admission, and it reads the name of the student, passport number, date of birth, and Course of Study and its length. The Offer Letter also carries the Bank Account Details of the University.

Step No. 3 – Tuition fee Payment to University Account;
the Offer Letter – means the Admission is granted. At this stage, the applicant must follow the instructions given on the Offer Letter and transfer the first year’s / first semester’s Tuition fee to the bank account stated. Without complete or partial upfront Tuition fee payment to University’s bank account – the applicant can not be issued an Acceptance/ Visa Letter from a University to process a visa application at the Embassy of Poland.
P.S. Pursuant to the regulations set by European governments, a university may grant an Acceptance/ Visa letter only after the transfer of the first year’s/ first semester’s Tuition fee payment to the university’s official bank account.
Important: The Tuition fee is fully refundable in case of visa refusal on any grounds.

Step No. 4 – Acceptance Letter/ Visa Letter for the Embassy of Poland;
After the transfer of the Tuition fee to the university’s bank account, the candidate is issued the Acceptance/ Visa Letter with the Accommodation Guarantee Letter to process the student visa at the Embassy of Poland. Without an Acceptance/ Visa Letter, the Embassy of Poland doesn’t accept any documents to process a student visa.

Step No. 5 – Submission of Documents to the embassy of Poland & Issuance of Visa
An applicant must submit the following documents to obtain a Student visa to Poland;

  • International Passport – the traveling document.
  • Tuition fee Payment Receipt – paid to the university’s official bank account.
  • Offer Letter, Acceptance Letter with Proof of Payment from University & Accommodation Guarantee Letter (provided by the university).
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate – WAEC/ NECO/ A LEVEL/ AS LEVEL/ IGCSE or any Equivalent Certificate – Legalized by the Ministry of Education & Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the applicant’s country.
  • Eligibility Certificate – A certificate issued from High School stating that the candidate is eligible to join a local University with a completed high school certificate.
  • English Medium of Instruction – A certificate issued from High School stating that English was a language of instruction for all main subjects.
  • Bank Statement – The Sponsor or the Candidate’s bank account – 3 months movement of account – the balance must cover the first year’s tuition fee and accommodation expenses.
  • Sponsorship Letter – Any relative can provide the sponsorship letter legalized by Notary Public.

Step No. 6 – Payment of Administrative & Services Fees – After a successful visa
At this stage – after you have been granted the study visa to Poland – The Payment of Administrative & Services Fees of €500 payable after the visa includes the Airport Clearance, Transportation to University with our staff, Registration at the University & other Polish offices, assistance in processing Health Insurance, assistance in visa extension processing & issuance of Temporary Resident Card valid for all years of study, assistance opening a bank account at Polish Bank.
P.S. The aforementioned services and airport clearance are only provided if the sum of €500 is paid from your home country.

Step No. 7 – Departure and Arrival in Poland
Now it’s time to leave your country – You have to buy your air ticket to any international airport in Poland. You must email or WhatsApp your airport at least 3 days prior to your arrival. Email: studyinPoland.biz@gmail.com, WhatsApp +48 574 766 079

Step No. 8 – Meet & Greet in Poland
Knowing that you are arriving, a staff from Study in Poland should be looking forward to greeting you at the airport and accompanying you to your pre-arranged accommodation. From here we take care of all further documentation for you until you start your studies and receive your resident card.

Step No. 9 – Insurance & Accommodation Payments
The student must be paying the following payments to complete the procedure of registration. Accommodation can be paid monthly.
Insurance Fee yearly: €150 on arrival
Accommodation Fee: €100 to €150 monthly

Frequently Asked Questions about Studying in Poland

Q: Must I pay the Initial Processing fee of €300?

A: Yes, You must do, as the sum of €300 covers Initial Consultation, Arrangement of Offer Letter, Preparation of Documents, Processing of Electronic Application, and Translation of Documents. No university in Poland considers a candidate’s documents without an initial registration fee.

Q: When do I pay the Initial Processing fee?

A: We share the credentials with our partner universities for first screening after we get the scanned documents of an applicant to attend a certain program. Please keep in mind that we are just receiving verbal confirmation at this time. Based on this confirmation, “Study in Poland” sends an email to the candidate with a confirmation of admission and a thorough explanation of the admission and financial engagement procedure. If the applicant accepts the admission offer and can afford the tuition and other costs, we request the pay the €300 Initial Processing fee and provide us evidence of payment. Following payment confirmation, we compile and send the necessary paperwork, as well as the application to the University, to get the official Offer Letter.

Q:  Why should I pay the tuition fee before arrival?

A: The embassy of Poland requires Proof of Payment of the Tuition fee. Without upfront full tuition fee payment for 1st year or at least for 1st semester to University’s bank account – The embassy of Poland doesn’t accept the study visa application. In the event of visa refusal, the full paid tuition fee is completely refundable.

We are aware that millions of individuals from all over the world want to come to Europe to work and remain legally or illegally. Giving out free acceptance letters without paying tuition to universities means that everyone will be in Europe, and there will be many illegal immigrants. The government and colleges want a credible proof that the prospective student is a genuine student who wouldn’t abandon the studies once arrive. They also want assurances that the prospective student has the financial means to fund his or her studies and living expenses in Poland.

Q: What happens to my tuition fee if I’m refused a Polish Study Visa?

A: In the event of visa refusal, the tuition payment to the university bank account is fully refundable.

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