• Established: 1949
  • Legal Form: State Owned
  • Languages of Instruction: Polish & English
  • Academic Staff: 800
  • Students: 15000+
  • Fields of Study: 22

Czestochowa Institution of Technology (CUT) is the region’s main state university, founded in 1949. It is also the only one with complete academic rights, meaning it may bestow the titles of doctor and university professor (habilitated doctor). CUT has become an integral part of Poland’s history and heritage, as well as the Czestochowa area and the city itself, as a result of its scientific and educational activities. Czestochowa Institution of Technology (CUT) is ranked among the best universities in Poland, with a high profile in national rankings of state institutions of higher education.

CUT is known for being a contemporary and well-equipped institution that provides a diverse choice of courses and a high quality of education. The outstanding quality of our teaching and research, as well as our academic staff’s unrivaled academic expertise and experience, make studying at CUT an interesting and invaluable experience. The University is also proud of its student infrastructure, which includes three halls of residence, a contemporary main library, and academic libraries, as well as a wide selection of high-quality labs and lecture rooms to support research and teaching.

Program of Studies at Czestochowa Institution of Technology (CUT)