Vistula University, Warsaw
  • Establised: 1992
  • Accreditations: ACCA, CEEMAN IQA, PMI GAC, THE-ICE
  • Students: 20000

Located in Warsaw, the fastest growing capital cities in Europe, VISTULA University is one of the best private universities in Poland. In 1992, Vistula University was founded as the University of Insurance and Banking, and it was renamed to Vistula University in 2011 . With students from 5 continents, and 49 different countries, Vistula University ensures a unique multicultural, educational & intellectual atmosphere for its local & International Students. In 2019, Aleksander Gieysztor Academy in Pułtusk became one of our branches

Vistula University has possessed 4th place in the ‘Perspektywy University Rankings, 2022’, among the best private universities in Poland. VISTULA is the only university to win national prize among private universities for the quality of education to jump from 36th position in 2010 to 8th in 2011. In the ’Internationalization’ category, it came third. VISTULA School of Hospitality took 14th place in the rankings.

The University has national title Ambasadora Polskiej Nauki as well as prestigious certificate Uczelnia Lider (school of leaders) for the training of highly qualified specialists in various areas with practical & modern knowledge who meet high expectations of employers, in the local and international labor markets.

The 25,000 square meter area of VISTULA University has been facilitating its students with 9 computer labs, 8 Assembly halls, 60 classrooms, a specially designed library, Olympic sports hall, gym, 4 tennis courts, and Parking for 300 cars. Students from all faculties of VU have on site Basic medical services. Vistula is easily accessible from all parts of the Warsaw because of closely located metro.

Available from 18.02.2022, Vistula Universities provide all students with an option to live in the Vistula dormitory. The rooms are fully furnished with personal washroom and a shared kitchen.

Currently, in partnership with Centria University of Applied Sciences in Finland, Vistula University conducts a double diploma program for Bachelor’s degree studies:

  • Management, Enterprise Management Specialization (Vistula) and BA in Business Management (Centria University).
  • BA in Computer Engineering (Vistula) and BA in Information Technology (Centria University).

The double degree program gives ambitious students the chance to obtain a bachelor’s degree from two universities simultaneously. This unique opportunity paves one’s way to develop and test in a multicultural environment, as well as establishing valuable personal and professional contacts, to generate a attractive job in future.

Vistula University offers Preparatory language course for those candidates who aim to strengthen their Polish or English language abilities,.

Programs Available at Bachelors, Masters and Ph. D. Level;
  • International business
  • The Economics of European integration
  • Finance of commercial organizations
  • Management in a small enterprise own company
  • Computer science in business
  • International economic relations
  • Accounting and taxation in commercial organizations
  • Eastern market
  • Business communication
  • Culturology
  • Translation
Finance and Accounting
  • Finance of commercial organizations
  • Public sector Finance
  • Accounting and taxation in commercial organizations
  • Banking strategy
  • Insurance
  • Modern financial market
Computer Science
  • Data base
  • Computer science in business
  • Software development
  • General Informatics
  • Internet technology
  • Network technology
International Relations
  • International trade during globalization
  • International political relations
  • European relations
  • Modern diplomacy
  • Media and social communication
  • Sociology of politics government and civil society
  • Sociology in business
Tourism and Recreation
  • Hotel and restaurant business
  • Service and organization of tourism
  • Recreation (recreation)
  • Business tourism
  • Management information system
  • The management of the banking institution
  • Personnel management
  • Micro enterprise management
  • Project management
  • Knowledge management
  • Public sector management
  • Architecture
  • Computer Engineering

At Vistula University you will get a diploma of a recognized university, that will open global opportunities and prepare you for an international career.

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